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The Alpine Process

The real estate development process at Alpine Property Group is simple and profitable. Not all real estate development business processes are equal and Alpine’s property development model is unique. Here’s how we do things:



The first step in our real estate development process is when Alpine Property Group sources, underwrites, and secures deals that fit our acquisition criteria and upholds our investment principles. We only make offers on properties in Boston that have a built-in margin of safety and allow our investors to exceed cash on cash and IRR target return projections. Our property development model is designed to maximize your returns while providing value to the markets we build in.


After closing our real estate acquisitions, we immediately begin executing our development plan with our contractor team. This stage involves our network of property developers and their architectural design talent. Our vision begins to become reality.


At Alpine Property Group, our property development model maximizes returns for all of our investors. Whether it’s ground-up new construction or multi-family value-add acquisitions our team works relentlessly to decrease expenses and drive profit in order to increase returns while providing a quality end product.


The final step in our real estate development business process is that once our desired return targets are achieved, we will begin to look for the most advantageous exit which could include a refinance to return investor capital or an outright sellout. We can also transition the property into a longer-term hold to capitalize on cash flow.
Our real estate development process is designed to serve our investors as well as the city of Boston. Each project exceeds projected returns while providing luxury and modern multi-family residential and mixed-use properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about the real estate development process at Alpine Property Group, reach out to our team. We’d love to chat!

Architectural Design & Planning

Our projects always have the best architectural design and planning team for the job so our developments are profitable and suited perfectly to the markets in which they’re located.

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Zoning Approvals

We know zoning permits in Boston and can help you get that zoning permit you’re after.

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• Contingent Offers »

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Real Estate Financing

With years of real estate financing experience, we’ve studied the real estate financing options in Boston and we’ve developed our tried and true real estate financing strategies.

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Our builders have the know-how and experience to build multi-family and multi-use residential properties that become hot commodities.

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Sell Out Development

Our firm of residential real estate developers focuses on the markets where real estate sell out investing will benefit our investors greatly.

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