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Land Entitlements in Real Estate and the Property Entitlement Process

Land entitlement is the legal process of obtaining approvals for your development plans. The property entitlement process can make or break your project. These legal agreements between you and the governing municipality will allow for the development of a certain building type.

Land use entitlement is an important part of the development process through which a real estate developer requests approval to develop (or redevelop) property. Developers are seeking government approvals for zoning, design, use, and occupancy. Obtaining these permits can be a long, frustrating process and one that always benefits from extensive expertise and previous experience.

It is common for the property entitlement process to hit numerous snags and for problems to pop up in every stage. Local and state laws regarding real estate zoning can be difficult to understand and the land use entitlement process can be a challenge to navigate. Each new problem in the property entitlement process prolongs the amount of time it takes to get the land entitlements stage of your project complete. For many, this can be a frustrating and time-consuming process and has the potential to significantly delay projects.

When you have a team on your side who can foresee the problems and snags in the land use entitlement process, everything becomes infinitely easier. At Alpine Property Group, we have been through this process so many times that we can spot an issue from a mile away. We can make sure your land entitlements real estate approval process goes as smoothly as possible. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we’ll help you iron out the kinks so you can get that approval faster, which means you get more time to focus on next steps.

If you need to know more about the property entitlement process in Boston, reach out to Alpine Property Group today and we’ll chat!

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