Buying Investment Property

As a real estate investment company, each of Alpine Property Group’s residential and multi-use development projects doesn’t get off the ground without our valued investors. We are a Boston-based real estate investment company focused on buying investment property in the form of multi-family and mixed-use real estate. Founded in 2016, APG focuses on value and opportunity-driven investments with an emphasis on Boston and its surrounding markets. From multi-family residential to multi-unit commercial endeavors, Alpine works with investors to facilitate ground-up new construction.

As a real estate investment group focusing on development in Boston, Alpine Property Group has a core belief that cities will continue to be at the center of economic and population growth for the foreseeable future. With deep market knowledge and extensive relationships across all segments of the real estate sector, we are well-positioned to execute across a broad group of asset types, ensuring significant returns for our investors.

As a real estate investment company in Boston, Alpine Property Group matches investors to new residential construction projects developing luxury townhomes to state-of-the-art condominiums. As an investor in any of our residential projects, you’ll benefit from our acquisition strategy. Each of our properties has a built-in margin of safety, resulting in returns that exceed projections. Once the deal is closed, we start development right away and you’ll immediately see progress.

If you’re interesting in buying investment property, reach out to Alpine Property Group. We look forward to speaking with you!

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